Space Party of the United States 

It Starts at the State Level 

Every state has different guidelines for becoming a qualified political party. The guidelines are on your state election website; however, you can call your state’s election office if the guidelines are not on the website or the guidelines are not clear. Forming a qualified Space Party in your state is your political right, so let’s get started!

Moving to the Federal Level 

The Space Party will move to become a Federally recognized party when the requirements of the Federal Election Commission are met.

The criteria:
1. Nominating qualified candidates for President and various Congressional offices in numerous states;
2. Engaging in certain activities–such as voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives–on an ongoing basis;
3. Publicizing the party’s supporters and primary issues throughout the nation;
4. Holding a national convention;
5. Setting up a national office; and
6. Establishing state affiliates.

 International Space Parties 

Space Parties around the world operate autonomously, and parties must follow the election laws of their country. Regular online global collaboration with the international space and science community is encouraged and expected from party supporters around the world.

Interplanetary and Intersteller

When human have the technological capability to thrive in other parts of the solar system and Milky Way galaxy, the missions will have to negotiate among themselves and their genesis nations regarding the laws and evolutionary goals that will govern these missions.

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