What We Believe

Welcome to the Space Party of the United States! 

     The Space Party movement was founded by space enthusiasts who saw the need for a political party devoted to developing a spacefaring civilization.We are committed to creating a spacefaring civilization for all of humanity and for all time. We support science based reasoning, sustainable development, world peace, better standards of living for everyone, and a future-looking citizenry and government.We believe in developing Space Parties in every state and country around the world!

Reasons for a Spacefaring Civilization

1. Continuing life is a sacred responsibility revered by every secular and religious tradition. Building space settlements recognizes life as sacred and worth continuing.
2. The Earth has finite resources, but the ambitions of humanity are infinite. Space colonization is the logical step that can meet humanity’s ambitions.
3. Humanity is at risk of extinction from multiple hazards. Human settlements in space would reduce the risk of human extinction.

Reasons for a Space Party
1. A Space Party would ensure the country continues to invest in space research and development, exploration, and strategies for building human settlements in space.
2. A Space Party would make space one of the primary goals of the party, so space would not become just another political bargaining tool, to be cut or ignored, as part of partisan negotiations.
3. The emerging commercial space industry needs a political party who will pass regulatory laws that are beneficial to the commercial space industry and the clients of the commercial space industry.
4. Having Space Party voters in a voting district will tell politicians that space exploration is a primary concern for the voters.
5. The Space Party will help to create a new pro-space socio-political paradigm the other parties can follow and replicate.
6. The Space Party promotes a common goal the entire world can unite behind. A spacefaring requires an educated, healthy, prosperous, and peaceful earth, so the Space Party will work diligently to achieve these goals.
7. The Space Party gives more hope for the future.
8. The Space Party raises questions on how to build a civilization and how to prioritize goals and values.
9. The Space Party encourages people to think globally, scientifically, and long-term.
10. The Space Party is a more entertaining way to follow politics, and thus it will increase civic engagement.

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