Create A Social Media Page to Gather Support for a Space Party in your State or Country
Start a website, a Facebook, Twitter, or other social media page to gather support for a Space Party in your home state or country. After you create this page, regularly update it with news regarding the politics and science of space travel that impacts your home state. Promote your page by posting links to it on other social media pages.  This will require patience and self-promotion.  Before starting a new page please check the State Parties page to see if an active social media page has been started for your state or country.
Do You Write?
If you are a writer for a science, h+, space, or politics website then please consider writing on the Space Party and share the article with our groups, so we can share it on our social media accounts.
Register A Party
Once you gather supporters for a Space Party in your home state or country, you can work on fulfilling the guidelines for becoming a qualified political party!
Lobby For Change
Using the social networks you established:
(1) inform your viewers about the space-related goals of politicians and political candidates in your state;
(2) Email and petition politicians, in your state, to support space values;
(3) Get familiar with different political lobbying software, for example, http://www.change.org and https://www.popvox.com ;
(4) encourage supporters of space to run in local, state, or Federal elections, under the political party of their choice; and
(5) have fun!

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